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the renewed and improved website. I’ve been developing the site for 20 years – it’s still young at heart, a bit like me. is now updated and mobile friendly. Thanks to Kuljeet for taking care of the technical and allowing me to focus on the content. The rebuild has been rewarding – to see what a wealth of information and entertainment it provides. I began writing about Bragg Creek and taking pictures when I moved here in 1996. That was before Facebook, Google even The first published website was

Ch . . . Ch . . . Ch . . . Changes

The 2013 flood changed everything. I was shocked to find how much our community had changed – even post flood articles I wrote to encourage visitors to keep coming and help residents cope with the devastation, were out of date. Also, I used the site to raise awareness about the need to protect Kananaskis from industrial activity. That part of the site is all but gone. The site went from 300 pages down to 200. Now, there are links to my social media activities.

How does work?

The website, located at, is organized under four subjects; Bragg Creek, Kananaskis, Activities and Environment. You will find articles that introduce the community, a guide to what happens here and what is available. The website serves an important role, attracting visitors and helping support local businesses, residents and people thinking about moving here. There are articles about issues of concern to residents and articles on the history of the place. There are maps, photos and guides to trails, facilities and natural attractions in Kananaskis.

The activities featured include major annual events and things to do in the area. The environment section talks a lot about water – it’s a big issue here. You’ll find a few pages on industrial activity in Kananaskis. The weather page is updated with current conditions and a weathercam photo of Moose Mountain every 15 minutes.

The site doesn’t represent any organization. The only revenue comes from Google ads.

Signed: Your eye on Bragg Creek
Doug Sephton – I’m not hard to find.

McDougall Memorial United Church

The first Protestant church in Alberta was set on fire and burned to the ground on Victoria Day weekend. Luckily, I had some photos. Read the history here:

McDougall Memorial United Church

flying deer

There’s a creative streak here that flows like the river that runs through it.

Bragg Creek – a great place to live, work and play

People here wear coats of many colours – outdoor dudes, cowboys, commuters and Moms. There’s a creative streak that runs through the community, much like the Elbow River. It’s a refuge from the city and an idyll that beckons visitors. The 2013 flood and the Trails Association left an impression on us that has us struggling for survival and careless as we ride the rad trails. We live in a wildland among wild animals; at the end of civilization. We have a short, but rich history. We’re a National Historic site due to the founding of the Youth Hostel movement here in 1933. Please have a look around the site. There’s a lot to discover.


day use areas

Looking for somewhere to take your family or your friends in Kananaskis?

Please have a look at this feature on the great places to recreate around Bragg Creek

The flood of 2013 had a devastating effect on many of the favoured picnic areas and trailheads like Allen Bill Pond and Elbow Falls. But there are many other places to take your family and friends when you visit the Elbow Valley and West Bragg Creek.
Day Use Areas

Photo Gallery – Scarecrow festival