Bragg Creek Hamlet Map

The hamlet is the central core of the area which includes; West Bragg Creek, South Bragg Creek, Wintergreen and Redwood Meadows. Maps of these areas are available as well, but keep in mind that in order to make them visible on screen they must be large files which take quite a long time to display using regular telecommunications connections.

This small map shows the location of the malls, the community centre and the seniors' centre in the central core of the hamlet of Bragg Creek. If you'd like to use this map in a publication, you can get it here. Please respect our copyright and ensure that you leave the logo on the map.

click for a printable version of the hamlet map. Please respect our copyright of these maps. You are welcome to copy the maps only if you do not remove the logo or web address.

If you would like to reproduce this map in your publications you can order a high resolution version. Please send e-mail to or call 403-949-4274.


Bragg Creek Hamlet

This map locates the five shopping centres in the Hamlet, the Bragg Creek Centre, the Seniors' Centre, Banded Peak School, Bragg Creek Provincial Park and the two main streets (Balsam Ave. & White Ave.) where businesses are located.


streetnamesPlease clickto download an acrobat version of this map. It includes the names of the streets which makes it ideal to help friends and family find your home, assuming that you live in the hamlet.

For you poor devils who live in Calgary, it won't do you a lot of good.