What people are saying about plans to log Kananaskis

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Hey folks, i don't belive what i must read here,thats cracy.I've visit Kananaskis summer 2oo1 for two weeks,bed and breakfast in Bragg Creek and enjoy every day in this beautifull country.I've seen so many wildlife there.I'am from Germany and we dont have any wildlive in the nature,maybe in a Zoo.I life in a city with parks around and i enjoy it to walk it,smell the fresh air in the forrest and listen the birds how they singing.And you want DESTROY that all?Whats about the tourisum they come every year,they dont would come if Kananaskis look like a dessert!So think about and figth for it. Chris from Germany


I have lived in calgary for 8 years. I moved from southern texas, a place inundated with wildlife and flora. I can remember being 13 at the edge of calgary and missing the trees of my childhood. I have walked kilometers as a teenager new to this area just for a copse of trees. The joy i felt when i discovered Kananaskis Country is indescribable and to this date bottomless. I could tell of trips i took my first year here with my grandmother, a woman visiting this area who discovered Kananaskis for her grandchildren and then brought them to enjoy it ourselves. I can remember camping trips with friends from highschool, free for a weekend, skinny dipping in the lower kananaskis and laughing at the stars. I can remember solo backpacking trips i've taken up river valleys in winter. Laying my bivi sack down in trampled snow and sitting by the fire while my soul is purged by the freezing air and the smoke of my campfire. That particular morning, on the walk out, i remember the tracks of a mouse as it was scooped up by a hawk and wriggled free, to drop back into the snow. Kananaskis Country has shaped who i am. It is a part of me and a reason why i stay in this part of a country i must pay to live in. Please, all those who read this, send letters to your politicians. This is YOUR country. I have lived where the trees have been cut down and the people reign. You have it good here, and it will only stay this way if you fight for it. 


I am saddened by the comments I read here because much of what is written is based on misinformation. Spray Lakes Sawmills has been engaged actively in public consultation about the Detailed Forest Management Plan since 2002. The City of Calgary has been offered many opportunities to comment and become engaged as downstream users in the watershed. I have been part of the Public Advisory Group all these years, representing the interests of municiplaities downstream of the logging operations, and the Bow River Basin Council. I did not take my role lightly. I attended multiple meetings and workshops where my concerns were addressed and solutions incoirporated into the DFMA. Spray Lakes Sawmills has a website. You can log on and submit your comments directly toi them-they welcome public inout and wherever possible amend their plans to address concerns. You can also read the Detailed Forest Management Plan for yourself as it has been posted on the site and has been available since May 10th in its final draft form. Public consultation is ongoing. The review of the plan, once adopted will take place in 2010, not 1016 as some people have intimated. I think once you read the plan, and educate yourself concerning the level of public consultation, understand the opportunities to be involved and provide opinions and concerns, you will quickly see that the consultation has been effective. It is because of the PAG and the public consultation process that we are seeking final comments to the DFMA right now. Before you take a stand, please take time to read the plan and understand what is being proposed-especially the Fire Smart program, which is a province program. Spray Lakes Sawmills has ensured that all issues have been addressed in their plan. Please log on and see for yourself, rather than responding to what I consider misinformation. HOwever, you should all know that I do respect your right to discuss this matter and take a view, and I am pleased to see your willingness to share heartfelt concerns.


I have not been one to speak out but I am a frequent visitor to the Kananaskis/Bragg Creek area. My family and I enjoy hiking and exploring the natural wonders of the area -- I consider this to be the most beautiful area and find it quite breathtaking. Each trip out to the Kananaskis is a trip into Bragg Creek area which is always alive with activity. I am very against any clear cutting or industrialization in Bragg Creek area. The proposal of the creation of a new wildland provincial park in East Kananaskis Country, that protects an exceptional environment for all Albertans, by encouraging non-motorized outdoor recreation and excellent watershed management is fabulous; I am a strong supporter of the forested area being portected in this manner. Many others, like us, go out and find great peace, tranquility and escape. This is our world and actions like this proposed plan to clearcut do not support healing of our world. Reconsider this plan and consider the "Moose Mountain Wildland Park" proposal and work towards healing our Earth. Please write in support for a serious reconsidation! 


HH (8 years)

My Mom and Dad just told me that a sawmill wants to cut lots
of trees down here in Bragg Creek.
I do not want you to let this happen, please stop them.
I love to go for walks on the trails and I have seen lots of
pretty flowers and animals. I have seen deer, moose and
Why don't you make a rule to stop anyone cutting trees down
in Bragg Creek. We could make a Park, can you do that?
Tell everyone it is bad to cut down the forests.


I think this is horrible, how can the forest be logged!! I thought it was protected since the government conducted a survey resulting in the public not wanting to see any changes to Kananaskis Country. I would love to be kept informed about the proposed logging and the proposed moose mountain wildlife park.


The proposed plan to begin massive clear cutting in the region of Bragg Creek, as explained in detail on the web page http://www.braggcreek.ca/forest/clearcut_logging.htm  both saddens me and turns my stomach in disgust... I write to protest such a plan. For if this becomes a reality, then where will our children learn the wonders and worship of nature? Where will we find solace and an escape into bliss from the drudgery of our everyday lives? This is our planet, and we are slowly but surely choking the life out of it, and it must come to an end. Please, reconsider this plan. It is hurting the earth and ourselves.


This area is enjoyed by so many and to think that the landscape could be affected by clear cutting is disheartening. There must be an alternative to affecting this area or any other wildlife area that is enjoyed by numerous people for recreation. 


Please don't kill trees, they are a part of Mother Nature. If you kill trees you are Mother Nature killers. Animals live in the trees, I have seen them. Where will the animals live if there are no trees ? If God and Jesus got together and decided that they wanted some trees there, how come a man can say he will cut them down..did he ask God ? Will I still be able to go for walks in the trees? Love Alexandra (6yrs) Life long Bragg Creek resident 


The area intended for clearcutting is host to thousands of hikers and cyclists. We all treat the area with respect and would expect that industry would do the same.


I have lived here for so long that it would be very sad to see all of the decades of tree growing go to waste. I know for children of Bragg Creek the logging trucks are a big issue as we enjoy biking and running down West Bragg, which would become a logging route. The issue of this logging though has come very late and it is now hard to deal with the issues. I think we have till next or this Friday before the Alberta government makes a decission. The publicizing of this was not very well done in my opinion. I know this is out of your control though.

I will try my best to get more children of my age to write to the Alberta government to have our opinions voiced also.


Thousands of individuals use this area for hiking and biking. It would not only be a serious blow to this community; it would create a detrimental effect on the area's wildlife and ecosystem. The economic gains from clear cutting this area do not justify the losses that it will create, especially if over a million people's drinking water is at risk. 


I love hiking, cycling and living near the forested areas of K-Country. I consider this to be one of the best places in the world to live because of the resource. The forested areas of the Alberta foothills & Rockies are some of the world's treasures - and we are about to destroy them. I am against all industrial activity in eastern K-Country.


The Elbow River watershed is one of the primary sources of drinking water for Calgary. Clear-cut logging is not an acceptable practice in other watersheds that are protected as drinking water sources (Vancouver, New York City), as the risk of contamination, nutrient loading and siltation caused by industrial activity is too great.


I currently live in Victoria, BC and used to frequent Upper Lake camp ground with my grandpa and father... my grandpa has since passed away, and he would be appualled at your plans to clear even ONE tree from that Heaven of beauty...


I suggest that there is economic value to this land beyond the trees and minerals that can be stripped from it. If the forest is clearcut, it is of no value to anyone – loggers or tourists alike – for this and the next generation. If the forest is not clearcut, its use will continue to increase, year after year, by people who will contribute to the economy of Bragg Creek and Southern Alberta.

In other words, the forest is the basis for a sustainable economy that is in place, and growing even as we speak.


I was totally shocked and dumbfounded by this news. Spray Lakes Sawmills (1980) Ltd. has never shared their plan with citizens and residents until now. All exposure to this concern is brought to us by concerned fellow residents and citizens, and experts in their fields, but not by industry and not by government.

Why do these things sneak up on us? And where has our elected government representation been all this time? Our elected officials are certainly not keeping us informed or raising our awareness such things are in the works. Does government just not care, or are they just too busy? Plans such as clear cut logging are not conceived overnight- someone in government has to know and has to be involved from inception. But by the very way in which these plans are exposed, almost covertly, and always near a fabricated deadline, a sinister side to how business of the land is revealed.