Forest Index to Clear-cut Logging in Kananaskis

This issue is about access, land use and water policy, pitting the interests of industry against nature, recreation and tourism. You'll find information and a unique view of the issue provided by and others, in particular, the Bragg Creek Environmental Coalition.

Save Kananaskis

Building on the success of Tag A Tree, but realizing that our goal to stop logging and create a park haven't been realized, we will continue our campaign

Please visit the Save Kananaskis web site

Tag A Tree

save kananaskisWe asked people to pick-up a slice of tree marked with the Save Kananaskis - It's Worth It logo and hang it on a tree in Kananaskis or on your property.

The Tag A Tree campaign wrapped up on Labour Day, September 3, 2007. It achieved considerable success in raising awareness of the plan to log Kananaskis and the need to create a park. We gave away 7,000 tags, opened lines of communication with hundreds of people, achieved recognition in the media and government. Through our tags, web site, printed materials, public appearances and the media we have reached an estimated 40,000 people.


Part 2 - began March 2007

Forest Stewardship Council review of SLS certification, letter 2014

Click here to read a transcript of a dialog between Dave Rodney and Ted Morton in the Alberta legislature - with comment

Ralph Cartar's response to Dr. Morton's statements on the threat of the pine beetle. Ralph is President of the Bragg Creek Environmental Coalition

Conservation Biology Institute
Protected areas form one of the main pillars of biodiversity conservation throughout the world. Although a large proportion of the neighboring Rocky Mountains are well-protected, only 1.2 percent of the Alberta Foothills is currently protected, which is woefully inadequate by any scientific standard.
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save kananaskisSave Kananaskis - It's Worth It

Download the Save Kananaskis handout (pdf)

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Public Consultation

Pine Beetle


Water and Land



Quotes from concerned citizens

Three things the BCEC would like you to remember

Report on the March, 2007 public meeting on logging

What's New

actnowContact list for officials responsible for this issue

Write to the Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, The Premier, Your MLA, The Liberal and NDP Opposition and
Spray Lakes Sawminlls. Use this contact list
snailmail: 305 Griffin Road West
Cochrane, AB, T4C 2C4

Please send a copy of your e-mails to "info at"


Send an e-mail if you would like to stay informed on this issue.


click Eastern District cutblocks
with hiking trails

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click The Spray Lakes Sawmills southern Forest Manangement Unit

click The proposed Moose Mountain Wildland Park


View the slideshow prepared for a CAOC meeting on the subject

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View an Acrobat version of the same slideshow.


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  braggcreekPart 1 - June 2006

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click Alberta Wilderness Association review of the Detailed Forest Manangement Plan

bcecBragg Creek Environmental Coalition

click BCEC Public Meeting
March 29, 2007

click BCEC Position Statement

click Ralph Cartar's perspective on the issue - he's president of the Bragg Creek Environmental Coalition {BCEC)

click BCEC Moose Mountain Wildland Park Proposal

go Clear-Cut Logging Coming to Calgary’s Playground - June 20, 2006 BCEC media release


CAOC Article

An article on the clearcut logging in Kananaskis issue by Doug Sephton. Published in the Calgary Area Outdoor Council newsletter.

Read criticism of our NIMBY whining and our misrepresentations according to two authors who favour logging in Kananaskis. These articles were published in the same issue. You can read them here.

Photos of Clear-cut logging near Cataract Creek
Click on a thumbnail image below to see an enlargement.

landscape landscape no growth hillside erosion
new trees scarred clearcut wasteland clearcut