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Hundreds of Albertans wrote letters of concern, often passionate, to Spray Lakes Sawmills and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, in June 2006. They said there should be more consultation, no logging and protection for Kananaskis. These quotes are taken from those letters.

cutblocksThere should be a public enquiry into the whole usage of the Kananaskis area.

The area should be re-designated as a protected Wildland Park Given the pivotal place of the Elbow River watershed in providing water – the essence of life –for many of us in Calgary and given the rich recreational nature of this area that so many of us want to continue to be able to enjoy in its pristine condition, I would urge you to consider protecting this area from any further logging.

All of Kananaskis country should be preserved to maintain the habitat for the wildlife and provide the opportunity for local Albertans to enjoy.

. . . this is NOT sustainable development.

We will not be alive in one hundred years to see the trees that grow to replace the ones they want to cut down today.

Why is it that recent decisions such as limiting the amount of participants in races to 150 in Kananaskis Country to protect wildlife, for example have been made, yet it's ok to go in and wipe out their habitat by clear cutting?

I believe the Province of Alberta made a wise decision in setting K-Country aside as a protected area ... let's keep it that way.

I implore those responsible and/or accountable for land management of the Kananaskis area to reconsider their perspective on clear-cutting logging in Kananaskis area.

I believe we all have to answer to the future generations for our actions. Serious study of these matters is important.

I understand that forestry is an accepted activity and considered renewable but in such a high use area so close to a large city like Calgary shouldn't the recreation potential take precedence?

This is one of the most-used recreational wilderness areas we have that is close to Calgary and clearcutting in this area would be devastating to thousands of people not to mention the effect on wildlife in the area.

Extensive, irreversible, and unnatural behaviour (i.e. clear-cutting) in what is a relatively small region is inappropriate, and the fact that it threatens a city the size of Calgary is unacceptable.

Is there no other way than clear cutting?

Do we really wish to expand on our global reputation of being terrible stewards of the land? Tourism is important to our economy!

Given it's proximity and beauty, not to mention concerns over the impacts to the Elbow River valley's environment and potentially greater flooding problems, I am astounded that such intensive forest harvesting has been approved.

I find it appalling that in the year 2006, with evidence of global warming everywhere, the logging industry could target such a vital area with so much proposed logging!

I believe that land stewardship must be carried out in a context that has other measures of value than the immediate yield of any timber or oil.