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Little new information has been provided nor any consultation occurred since June 2006, the deadline for public input on Spray Lakes Sawmills (SLS) Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP).

Public concern (letters sent to SLS and SRD) called for consultation and a halt to Logging in the eastern districts. Backed by concern over water quality and quantity from the City of Calgary, SRD has delayed approval of the DFMP.

SLS delayed submission of the plan to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) from September to December of 2006.

During the delay, concern over the pine beetle increased. The review is continuing.

The DFMP called for extensive clearcuts in West Bragg Creek and throughout eastern and southern Kananaskis over 20 years and beyond.

In February, 2007 Spray Lakes held an exhibition to unveil a revised plan. The focus had shifted from fire in Bragg Creek to the pine beetle in Sibbald. The plan to clearcut in the Sibbald district, harvesting pine before the beetles infect them was submitted to Sustainable Resource Development on Feb. 28.

SRD plans to speed the harvest of trees in advance of the pine beetle threat . They say that 75% of susceptible lodgepole pines should be harvested. Most of Kananaskis is lodgepole pine. Approval of the revised plan is expected in April or May.

The government directs policy for resource development, but transferred management of the forest resource to SLS in 2001 through the Forest Management Agreement (FMA). The DFMP shows where, when and how they will exploit that resource over 20 years.

Under the FMA, the primary use of the forest management area is "for establishing, growing, harvesting and removing timber."

Logging in Sibbald will apparently begin in the spring/summer of 2007.

The C5 Forest Management Plan is deferred until the Oldman Watershed Report is reviewed.

March 29, The Bragg Creek Environmental Coalition public information session.

Adult beetles emerge and spread in July.

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