Kananaskis First Flood of 2005 - June 7-9

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> Floods Wrap-Up

Photos of flooding in the Elbow Valley on Wednesday June 8, 2005

Most areas have been reopend as of June 10. Trails are wet and muddy, with snow at higher elevations like Moose Mountain, Cox Hill and Jumpingpound ridge. Caution, expect flooding, washouts and other natural hazards on most trails. The Elbow River has a Flood Watch (caution), while the Sheep and Highwood Rivers have a Flood Warning (danger).

Highway 532 is currently closed (Friday, June 10, 2005) due to washouts from heavy rainfall.

See the trail reports.

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allen bill

Allen Bill Pond showing the water touching the edge of the steps (right) that used to lead down to a beach along the shoreline.

falls wash out

The pathways and picnic areas at Elbow Falls are inundated as the river has beached its banks.

picnic This picnic table is perilously close to joining the flow of the river downstream

white water White water rapids churn upstream from Elbow Falls

Close-up of the falls that don't fall very far, but the volume of water coursing over the rocks is huge.

river flood
Looking up river from the falls you can see the swollen river that has flooded the shoreline and inundated the rocks in the riverbed.

A larger view of the falls shows the water frothing far downstream from the falls.

This photo, taken in late summer shows the falls when the water is lower - it looks like it might be almost 2 metres lower.

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