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New gas wells and pipelines in the Elbow Valley and West Bragg Creek areas of Kananaskis will disrupt and destroy recreational activities, and irreparably harm the wilderness that will be our legacy for future generations. It has a direct impact on our appreciation of the outdoor experience in Kananaskis. It will also affect the economy in Bragg Creek, which is a “Gateway to Kananaskis”. The health and well-being of families living in the area is at risk.

Where do we draw the line? The gas companies are trashing our playground. The government and industry need to know that Kananaskis is ours. We need to tell them that further development of gas extraction opertations in our recreation area cannot be allowed to proceed.


Proposed Petro-Canada sweet gas well at 11-12-23-6w5m

New Shell/Husky/Devon pipeline through West Bragg Creek recreation area

Forty-seven percent of the 4,130 sq. km of Kananaskis is unprotected. The health of people in the area and the protection of the wildland is directly connected. These wildlands are fragile and, without the support of individuals, they will be lost.

Our issues of concern are:

* the inappropriateness of drilling activities in an area that is vital for Calgary and area recreationists
* the impact on the West Bragg Creek Rd, that is already not to standard
* the effect on local businesses of reducing tourism due to the unappetizing prospect of noise and vehicular activity in their recreation areas
* the Calgary water supply. More exploration and drilling will up the risk factor

* no more leases should be sold in Kananaskis, no permits issued and the areas where industrial development is allowed should be protected and reserved for public use.

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