My mountaineering friends call it “bagging a summit”; climbing to the peak of a mountain and adding it to their list of accomplishments. My list is rather modest, in fact Moose Mountain is one of a very few entries on the list. It is a summit for the rest of us.

west panorama

A sea of Rocky Mountain summits fills the western horizon.


Getting ready to leave the parking area.


This grassy knoll, marked by a trail that splits off to the right just past the Packer’s Trail dip, makes a good goal for young families


The fire ranger built this Inukshuk on the saddle.


Sunset on the mountain


The fire lookout

It’s easy to get to as you can drive over half way up it. A 7 km dirt road, maintained by Shell Oil, is located about 45 minutes west of Calgary on highway 66, on the right just past the sign for Paddy’s Flat campground. They use the road to build and maintain their gas extraction operations. Sometimes they post a guard there to monitor traffic. You will see their wells perched high up on the rocky slopes around the summit. There is limited parking at the trailhead.

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