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The current topics and feature stories are on the front page. On that page you will find a lot of links under the title buttons when you roll your mouse over them.

As Bragg Creek is a gateway into Kananaskis, you will find a bit about the history, lifestyle, maps, photos, activities and facilities in Bragg Creek under the Bragg Creek button.

You will find some info on trails and facilities under the Kananaskis button. You will also find maps, an overview of campsites and a guide to the plants and animals you will find in the foothills.

In the Activities section you will find an overview of some of the events both in Bragg Creek and in Kananaskis. Much of the information there is intended to give you a sense of what goes on at these events more than the when and how much they cost.

I'm pretty passionate about celebrating and protecting the natural heritage in Kananaskis. I'm not much of a fan of the multi-use policy in effect and I think Sustainable Resource Development to get out of Kananaskis and transfer jurisdiction over to Tourism, Parks and Recreation. You will find that topic under Environment.

The weather page has some basic current weather data and a photo of Moose Mountain. It is updated every 15-minutes.

The Bulletin Board has a wealth of info on a wide variety of topics; everything from high-speed internet to immigrating to Canada. The search tool will scour the bulletin board for you search keywords too.