Bragg Creek Days

Bragg Creek Days 2016

July 23rd & 24th, 2016

NOTE: This is not the current schedule of events. It is the way we were in the past.

Parade begins at 10:30 AM

Bragg Creek Days Parade 2013

The annual celebration of summer in this small hamlet in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies took place on a brilliant sunlit day in July, 2013. A day, exactly a month to the day the the Elbow River which flows trough the community turned into a raging torrent, ripping a house from its foundation and sending it crashing into the one bridge that connects the community. The bridge survived, but several businesses didn't and there was mud and debris everywhere. Just in time to celebrate our annual summer festival, most of the dirt and debris has been removed and flowers adorn the planters along the roadside. A huge vote of appreciation to all the volunteers who pitched in to get us back on our feet.

Although attendance was down and the parade floats weren't quite as elaborate as usual, the parade was an outstanding success as an example of the resilience of our community and the spirit of the people that make Bragg Creek such a unique place.


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The parade this year was one of the best ever - at least until next year.

"They didn't call us Bragg Creek for nothing"

Scenes from the 2010 parade

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The 2009 Bragg Creek Days Parade

Bragg Creek Centre Activies and Events

2009 was the 40th year for Bragg Creek Days.