Scarecrow Festival - 2016

The Fourth Annual Scatecrow Festival. This is a photo gallery of most scarecrows that have popped up around the hamlet of Bragg Creek. there may be a few missing. I appologize to their creators for the oversight. Additional images may be added from time-to-time.

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Albert or John Bragg Our Namesake
Albert or John Bragg Our Namesake
  • Albert or John Bragg Our Namesake
    Albert and John Bragg were young pioneers who settled on the bank of a creek near what is now St. Francis Stables in West Bragg Creek. The cartographer A.O. Wheeler named the area after them.
  • Hilary Clintion at the Shell
  • Donald Trump's Mexican Wall
  • Physio Electric Therapy
  • Country Wood Pirate
  • Insurance & Registry
  • Belcourt"s Scary Cats
  • Smack Man
  • Smack Cycle Scary Clown
  • Dining at the Bavarian
  • Trading Post Moose
  • Wild Texan Barbecue
  • Creeker's Coffee Break
  • Creeker's Liquor Hockey Fan
  • Care in the Creek Fibre Diet
  • Care in the Creek Patients
  • Durango's Mexican Witch
  • Italian Farmhouse Farmhands
  • My Favourite Store Pumpkin Girl
  • Balsam Avenue Snowball Fight
  • Powderhorn
  • Motorcycle Monster
  • Spirits West "Fred"
  • Family Foods Moose
  • Sugar Shake Ghost
  • Sugar Shake Gang's All Here
  • Trails Association Witch
  • Moose Just Bagged Books at Wordhouse
  • Yo Ho Tinda Gatekeepers
  • Archer's Nightmare
  • WANTED on White Avenue - Count Dracula
  • Work in progress at the Community Centre
  • Suncatcher's Block Body
  • Double trouble on White Avenue
  • Watch for flying deer
  • The Wolf of West Bragg
  • 3 Lovely Ladies in West Bragg
  • Hangin' On in West Bragg
  • West Bragg Creek Wood Chopper with skinny jeans
  • Lurking in the trees
  • The reaper of Elbow Rise
  • Rockyview Brit
  • Stonecutter


It's so much fun! Just as the leaves fall and turn brown, colourful scarecrows start popping up all around the hamlet and beyond. It's a contest actually. During the first week of November the entries will be judged and chosen as the best in their category. Best "human" scarecrow, Best animal scarecrow, Best multiple character display, Cutest scarecrow, Scariest scarecrow, Best celebrity look-alike, Best overall scarecrow(s). Some, like the Outdoor guy getting electric therapy at the Physiotherapy are tied to the business or creator and some, like Trump's Wall are tied to current events. Some are simple and some elaborate. Lots are scary - tied into Halloween and many are traditional. They're all great, as they bring fun, colour and character to Bragg Creek.