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Bragg Creek TransRockies 2003

Local resident Mike Sieben plans to compete in the 2nd Annual TransRockies
Challenge August 10 - 16th, 2003 with his teamate Zoltan Nevelos.


Mary Ellen Campbell, the Bragg Creek TransRockies events organizer for 2002 gets a bang out of the starters pistol.

Let's have a party!
As part of our commitment to host this event, Bragg Creek will be providing an Arrival Stage with refreshments, a Pasta Dinner, Entertainment including Special Guest speakers and a Breakfast for the cyclists who will be departing early on Friday morning.
Dinner is at the Community Hall, cost is $12 each or $25 for a family ( includes children to the age of 12) .
We're planning a load of fun for the evening activities.
We are also hoping (with lots of volunteer support) to continue this event into the weekend with our own, ‘Wheels of Summer Festival’ which will include; local bike races for all ages, cycling equipment & bike touring companies from Calgary and a myriad of other fun and interesting events.!

Many volunteers will be needed for all of these events, we hope you’ll join our team to help make this local event a Great Celebration!
If you would like to be a volunteer with any of these events, please contact either Darryl Stanier, at 723-6660 or

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Bow Cycle
Bragg Creek Physiotherapy
Bragg Creek Shopping Centre
Bragg Creek Trading Post
Bragg Creek Food Town
Cal Portisan Services
Cinnamon Spoon
High Country House
Shell Jumping Pound Complex
McSweeny's and Direct Plus Food Group
Unique Objects
Wicker Tea and Spice

It's Rugged, it's Relentless, it's Unpredictable and it's fast becoming Canada's Mountain Biking Event of the Year!
On August 14th, Mike Sieben, a local Bragg Creek Resident and his teamate Zoltan Nevelos, will ride into the hamlet during the 2nd Annual TransRockies Mountain Bike Challenge and he's been pumping hard to get ready for this WORLD CLASS EVENT!

From Fernie B.C. to Canmore Alberta, over some the most rugged and breath-taking terrain imaginable, riders will face challenges that will undoubtedly exceed their expectations! From all over the world and as far away as South Africa, more than 150 novice, expert and professional cyclists in teams of 2, will compete in this 5 day event and many are competing with only one thought in mind...."to survive it and finish it!"

Wanna test your stuff? Join Mike and other media personnel for a 'day in training'!
Load up your bike, water bottle, recorder, camera and RIP IT UP on the ever popular trails in West Bragg Creek and get cranked for your Readers, Viewer or Listeners while you grunt, groan and grind your way around the trails! ( he promises to make it a light training day for those of you who might be a bit.... muscle challenged :))

To find out how to GEAR UP for this, call Mike at (403) 949-5685 or e-mail him at mesieben at To visit the web site for the TransRockies Mountain Bike Challenge.

"Travel Alberta is delighted to continue our partnership with TransRockies Challenge in 2003. Last year's inaugural event generated impressive local, national and international media attention, including more than 145 hours of television coverage! Few events have ever secured more media attention and international awareness for Alberta and host communities as outdoor adventure destinations than the TransRockies Challenge!" DonBoynton Director, Communications Travel Alberta

2003 TransRockies Challenge
The Hamlet of Bragg Creek is delighted and honored to be a host community and pivotal point to the 2nd Annual TransRockies Challenge on August 14th, 2003.
The wheels are set to roll for this ultimate adventure mountain bike race traversing the Canadian Rockies. A maximum of 350 amateur and pro teams are estimated to grind their way back and forth over the Continental Divide while bouncing, grunting and pedaling through over 600 kilometres of wilderness trails, all part of the 2003 TransRockies Challenge. It will be a test of physical endurance and mental determination for mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the planet.
The TransRockies Challenge offers four different categories including open women, open men, mixed and masters (combined age of both riders exceed 80). The minimum age for participation is 18. The riders of each team must remain together at all times during the race. If at any point, riders separate by more than two minutes, the team will receive a penalty.
Each of the seven stages begin at 8 a.m. and riders are expected to reach the finish line by 6 p.m. daily. Stages include breakfast, dinner and an awards ceremony where the winners of each catergory are awarded Leader Jerseys. After the final stage, team times will be calculated to determine the overall winners of each category, dispensing a total of $20,000 CDN in prize money.
Visit for more information.
Local riders are encouraged to enter the race. To date, Bragg Creek has Mike Sieben (also actively involved with the local TR volunteer team) hoping to compete.
Darryl Stanier, a local Bragg Creek resident, has set the wheels in motion by organizing this year’s group of volunteers for the many events which will take place in Bragg Creek. Darryl, along with several other members of the volunteer group are very enthusiastic about the many benefits Bragg Creek will gain as a host community to this world class event.