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Bragg Creek TransRockies 2003 - Photos

Canada is Kicking Butt with a WORLD CLASS MOUNTAIN BIKE EVENT! This Race presents a plethora of unprecedented physical and mental challenges unlike anything many of these extremely fit athletes will have dared to imagine.
Maps for the race were not distributed to the 79, 2 person teams until the day of the race so preparing for this Challenge has been left up the imagination of each athlete as to how hard they should train and prepare for this event.
On DAY ONE of the 7 Stage Race many of these elite athletes were wondering what the rest of the 2003 TransRockies Mountain Bike Challenge would present to them after grinding their way straight up the side of a mountain in +40 C weather or better yet how they could survive the next 6 stages, following this grueling 45 km first stage. " What did I get myself into" and "this makes my goal all the more apparent" were just a few of the comments from some athletes on day one.
What is making this event even more exciting for many locals is our 3 local teams who are participating in this extremely difficult challenge; Team Bragg Creek, Team Cequal, and Team Cequal Creeky Saddles
Team Bragg Creek has done exceeding well, Mike Sieben and Zoltan Nevelos ( who are 1 year shy of qualifying for the Masters ) have proven that all of their hard training was worth it, finishing each stage with notable improvements within the first 3 stages!
On Thursday August 14th, starting at 12 Noon Stage 5 of this 7 day Race will be hosted in Bragg Creek! Athletes, Cheering Crowds, Media and many more will welcome these cyclists as they roll into our tiny Mountain Bike, Friendly Hamlet.

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Photos from Fernie
team zoltan
Zoltan and Mike Zoltan after race
after team
Mike and Zoltan after race Starting out in Fernie
Photos from Bragg Creek
bikeshop leaders
Bike Shop Bike Clinic Leaders Chill
bike repair finish1
Bike Repair Finish
riders finish2
Riders Finish
finish3 finish4
Finish Finish
west bragg1 west bragg2
west bragg road west bragg
west bragg3 west bragg4
west bragg west bragg
west bragg5 west bragg6
west bragg west bragg