Bragg Creek - Gateway to Kananaskis™

Moose Mountain WebCam

Photo of the summit of Moose Mountain in West Bragg Creek, Kananaskis

This photo of Moose Mountain shows the sky conditions over the Elbow Valley of Kananaskis. The webcam image is updated every 15-minutes. Refresh your browser to see the current image.

moose mountain weather

Kananskis is a multi-use natural area 50 km west of Calgary, Alberta. Hikers, cattle, loggers and gas wells share the same territory. Hope you enjoy the weathercam.


Click the video below to see a timelapse of weathercam images captured during the last month.

Bragg Creek: Moose Mountain


How it works

An old Canon camcorder with an HD Video Capture device and TinCam webcam capture software capture and upload the mountain photo.


The webcam image above uses a telephoto lens that shows a small part of the sky above Kananaskis. If there is snow on the tree branches, that is recent snow. Sky conditions in Bragg Creek are often different from those shown in this image.

webcam viewThis image shows the view from the weather station with the webcam view highlighted.