This 64-page document was prepared for the Townsite of Redwood Meadows by Jon Jorgensen.


bear hazard study“The purpose of the bear hazard assessment is to update the report that was completed in 2010 for the Greater Bragg Creek study area (Aspen Wildlife and Environmental Services and Karelian Bear Shepherding Institute of Canada (KBSIC), 2010). That report incorporated data on bear conflicts from 1999 to 2008. This report analyzes an additional 7 years of data from 2009 to 2015 along with data from the 2010 report. The intent of this assessment is to establish an overview of human-bear conflicts (HBC) specific to the community while providing general recommendations for measures to reduce or eliminate these conflicts.”

“The community is located at the approximate eastern portion of the range of both black bears and grizzly bears and has a relatively high density of black bears as well as a low but likely increasing number of grizzly bears. The area provides relatively abundant suitable habitat for both species, primarily in summer and early fall.”

This is a valuable guide for residents of Greater Bragg Creek as it helps us learn how to avoid conflicts with the many bears that live among us.