Our FoothillsRecorded History

As Grant MacEwan says in the foreword to “Our Foothills”, our historical record is interesting, useful and delightful. “Capturing for posterity stories of pioneer courage, industry and imagination is a priceless endeavour”. The book is widely recognized as “the bible” of the history of Millarville, Priddis, Kew and Bragg Creek. The effort to produce it began with the Centennial celebrations in 1967. The Willing Workers Women’s Institute initiated the movement to found the Millarville Historical Society in 1966. It grew and in 1971 people in Bragg Creek joined the effort to capture the history. The Millarville, Kew, Priddis and Bragg Creek Historical Society organized to record the history of these communities up to 1940. The book was published in 1975. It is long out of print and copies next to impossible to find. This digital copy is an attempt to ensure that these stories live on and are available to a large number of readers.

As our focus is on Bragg Creek, I have two parts of the book available; the introduction with stories describing the area in general and the activities. The second part contains the stories dealing with the pioneer families in Bragg Creek and their achievements. The documents are produced as Adobe Acrobat files. As such, they can be searched for keywords using the “Find” tool.

Introduction and General Information about the area

The Bragg Creek section of Our Foothills

As the title suggests the book deals with the Foothills District. Bragg Creek was part of the M.D. of Foothills until about 1965 when it was annexed to the M.D. of Rocky View. There is a two volume history of Jumpingpound and Springbank which is described as the area east of the Morley Reserve, south of the Bow River, north of the Sarcee Reserve and west of Calgary. These books are titled “Chaps and Chinooks”, A History of West Calgary. They were published in 1976. Although Bragg Creek isn’t included specifically, the families that settled in the area and the events that shaped it played an important role in the development of Bragg Creek.

Preface to Chaps and Chinooks

This document shows the effect of recurring floods in the area. Barb Teghtmeyer gave me this copy.