How’s your internet service? Out here at the end of civilization we’ve struggled with slow, poor and expensive internet service for years. Our options include:

Dial-up – as low as 28.8 kb/s (kilobits per second) depending on how far from the Telus switch you live.

Cable – Only in the hamlet, you say. Telus hooked them up. Platinum considered offering a service a few years ago, but gave up citing too much trouble dealing with the municipality and residents who didn’t want towers in their backyard. Can’t blame them; the company or the residents.

Wireless – Davinci Broadband uses a Marconi system. They have a tower on Wintergreen and they connect to the Alberta SuperNet cable in the hamlet. Both that information and the speed of the service may have changed. I think Xplornet bought Davinci in 2017.

The results from my home in West Bragg Creek

Satellite – Xplornet offers satellite service all across Canada. They have promised to upgrade the service in 2017. The thing with satellite is the distance (35 miles) to the satellite. It takes time to start transmitting, it’s called latency.


Satellite Speedtest