Connecting the dots

Bragg Creek has attracted some very interesting people. Whether they come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, India, the U.S. or other parts of Canada and beyond, they bring a rich and diverse collection of cultural and traditional values to the community. While it’s true, this happens in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, those cities have different ways of integrating outside influences. Here, their impact is more immediate, more intimate. I hope to use this series of videos to connect the dots that are scattered around the forest and around the hamlet.

The Bragg Creek Tour

This is my video. I asked Clint to help introduce the community as he is a long-time resident whose influence is woven through most community groups and his connection to the community runs deep and wide. That said, I left a mark as well. On the Chamber, the Community Association, the Trails Association, at Camp Horizon and I think I have provided the community with a presence on the web – the reason I started this over 20 years ago. Not everyone agrees with the way I have portrayed the community, but I think I captured the essence.


Life is a work in progress. No one expresses that better than Alvise. Creative and artist as descriptors are a good start, but he’s also a renaissance man and a geek that wound up in Bragg Creek sculpting bees and building environments. But he defies categorization. I think this video captures the soul of an artist, in touch with nature and humanity. Maybe that is what we in Bragg Creek aspire to and why we all admire Alvise.


Paola and her husband Alvise live among wildlife in a wild land. They are active in the Artisans Group and in many other aspects of the community. Community is important to Paola – one of the reasons she is among many other things, a beekeeper. She and I met when we developed the Tag-A-Tree, Save Kananaskis campaign, many years ago. She has some interesting things to say about being a Mom, an environmentalist and a part of our community.

More to come

This will be an occasional series of video interviews with the “People of Bragg Creek”. I have a long list of people I want to talk to, but if you have a suggestion – please get in touch.