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This is a very special place with lots of interesting things to see. Of course things have changed a lot over the many years I’ve been taking pictures here, so some of the images in this photo album don’t exist anymore or exist in a new form. I hope you enjoy the images.

animals Animals
Living with wildlife is one of the joys of life here in the foothills. It’s also one of the challenges. You have to take care to avoid conflicts with predators and try to avoid crashing into them with your car.

antiques Antiques

We used to have several antique dealers here. It’s something about the rustic nature of living in the country.These photos were taken at a barn auction.

around & about Around & About

The Tsuu T’ina First Nation make interesting neighbours, notably at their Pow Wow. Also you might see a herd of cattle, a horse-drawn wagon or a pack of cyclists on the road

bragg creek Bragg Creek

It’s a charming place. You might see a horse hitched to a handrail while its owner is in for a beer. Or, the vestiges of the past scattered around the countryside.

float Bragg Creek Days

Bragg Creek Days combines a parade through the hamlet when everything is put on hold with fun and games and a market at the Community Centre. Traffic is stalled while the firemen and women lead a procession of children, antique vehicles floats and lots and lots of horses down the main streets of the hamlet.

elbow river Elbow River

The river flows out of the Kananaskis valley, over Elbow Falls, through the hamlet and on into Calgary. It’s a great place to play and an endlessy interesting subject to photograph.

kananaskis Kananaskis Country

Bragg Creek borders a vast natural area with majestic mountains, foothills and forests. It has hundreds of kilometres of trails and lots of great scenery.

maps Maps

These are some of the maps you can find on this site. They show the hamlet, Grater Bragg Creek and Kananaskis.

moose mountain Moose Mountain

The mountain stands out from the rest of the Rockies providing a backdrop for our community. Seen from the right viewpoint, it looks like a reclining moose. It is relatively easy to hike to the summit. You can see what it looks like right now on the Bragg Creek weather page.

nature Nature

It’s all around us and it is a sight to see. But you have to be lucky and observant to catch some of it. At other times it screams for attention.

scarecrows Scarecrows

During the fall of 2013 businesses in the hamlet and residents around it built scarecrows just for the fun of it. Many were funny, most were very creative. They brightened our lives.
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