Animated slideshow

This GIF format slideshow shows images captured around Bragg Creek in the early 2000s. Some of the subjects don’t exist anymore, others have changed. It’s nostalgic and interesting.

  1. Aerial View
  2. Mountain Peak in Kananaskis
  3. View of Banded Peak on approach to Bragg Creek
  4. Moose in spring
  5. Mule Deer
  6. Horse Drawn Wagon
  7. Bragg Creek Trading Post General Store
  8. Restaurant
  9. Shopping Centre
  10. Tsuu T’ina Nation Pow Wow – Tipis
  11. Tsuu T’ina Nation Pow Wow – Dancers
  12. Farm House
  13. Log Cabin
  14. School House
  15. First Post Office Stable
  16. Moose Mountain