Arts and Entertainment Organizations

It’s a sad fact that events come and go. I wish I could keep up with it all. A few major events have faded away, or dropped off a cliff. For example: The Banded Peak Challenge, the Bow 80 and the Trans Rockies Bike Race. Some are local, some are attached to groups like Performing Arts, BraggArts, the Chamber and the Community Association. Some are outside the scope of interest for this website. Here’s a partial list to get you started.

Bragg Creek Community Centre Programs

Redwood Meadows Townsite

Bragg Creek Performing Arts

They currently present five concerts per year; this is split into Fall (September to end of November) and Spring Season (February to early May). We present a wide variety of professional entertainers from all genres at affordable rates for the enjoyment of the public.

Other Events

– Taste of Bragg Creek –

– Earth Day Celebrations

– Redwood Meadows Parade of Garage Sales

– Bragg Creek Community Garage Sale
– Redwood Meadows Right to Play Run
– Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay Race –

– Canada Day Celebrations
– Bragg Creek Days
– Southern Alberta Ride for Site –
Tsuu T’ina Pow Wow and Rodeo

– Moose Mountain Trail Races
– Kayak-Kanfest –
– Iron Legs 50 Miler –

– Heritage Festival
– Kidney Foundation – Kidney March –
– Redwood Meadows Sports Swap
– Redwood Meadows Firefighters – Heroes in the Sky

Bragg Creek Scarecrow Festival – month long

– Bragg Creek Artisans Christmas Sale –
– Kananaskis Country Christmas Fine Arts and Craft Sale

– Bragg Creek Spirit of Christmas
– Redwood Meadows New Years Eve Celebrations