Lu Lu Belle

Lu Lu Belle at Whites Trading Store

The first scarecrow in Bragg Creek was Lu Lu Belle who stood outside the Trading Post Store on White Ave in the 1930s.

The Scarecrow Festival takes place during the month of October.

Why Scarecrows?

Because they’re fun.
Nobody in the Calgary area does a Scarecrow thing and we’re significantly more agricultural than Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where an extremely successful Scarecrow Festival has taken place for many years now.

Are you anticipating that people will create scarecrows and put them in their yards?

Yes and no. We are asking people to build scarecrows. We think of ourselves as a very artsy community. Let’s see what develops when the call is put out! Scarecrows will be on display along White and Balsam avenues in the hamlet.

Will you have a panel of experts to judge the work?

No, judging. The winners will be decided by a popular vote. Anyone can get a voting form from local merchants and rank their favourites.

scarecrow festival map

Scarecrow festival voting forms

How does it work?

Beginning Friday, October 2 you will be able to pick up a map of “registered scarecrows” at a number of Bragg Creek locations yet to be determined. You can do a walking tour of the scarecrows displayed for judging. We have settled on 5 categories, based on your “picks”.

  • Cutest scarecrow
  • Scariest scarecrow
  • Best “human shaped” scarecrow
  • Best animal scarecrow
  • Best “multiple character display”. For example: 4 cowboy scarecrows playing poker New categories for 2014:
  • Best Celebrety Lookalike
  • Overall Fan Favourite

You be the judge. Pick up ballots here:

Will we see scarecrows popping up throughout the community? How will we see them as most homes are hidden in the forest?

Because we are unsure of how much traffic residents want cruising the side streets, hunting for scarecrows, we have decided to keep the “contestants” narrowed down to White Ave. and Balsam Ave. although many residents put them on streets and roads across Greater Bragg Creek last year.

When will winners be declared?

We will tally the results and announce winners a couple of days after the festival ends.


Yes. There will be ribbons and a small prize for the winners.

How long does the festival last?

Final day for judging is the first Sunday in November