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Alberta TrailNet Society

A charitable society managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, Alberta TrailNet promotes all types of trails for a wide range of user groups. With the goal of establishing a trail network that connects all Albertans, the Alberta TrailNet Society encourages active living through the use of recreational trails, and recognizes trails as viable transportation routes. The Society supports local groups and communities in their trail building and management. Alberta TrailNet Society represents the Trans Canada Trail Foundation in Alberta, allocating the Foundation’s resources to local groups as they help to build the world’s longest recreation trail.

Kananaskis Country

Located west of Calgary along the Rocky Mountains and foothills, Kananaskis Country is a 4,000-square-kilometre multiple-use, year-round recreation area. The Kananaskis contains several parks and protected areas such as provincial and wildland parks, natural areas, ecological and wildlife reserves, and recreation areas. Each type of protected area has special uses, regulations, and management plans. This network of parks and protected areas ensures that environmental diversity is preserved for future generations. Kananaskis Country’s diverse landscape offers outstanding parks and a wide range of natural resources, which provide opportunities for social, cultural and economic benefits.

Rocky Mountain Ramblers

The Rocky Mountain Ramblers is a Calgary-based club dedicated to the pursuit of ambitious outdoor adventures. The club coordinates over 200 trips per year, including trail hiking, scrambling, backpacking, car camping, bicycling, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, and downhill skiing. Many of the Rocky Mountain Ramblers’ day trips visit Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park. Multi-day trips may involve backpacking, car camping or stays at hostels and huts. The Rocky Mountain Ramblers meet weekly, and membership in this active club is available at a reasonable annual charge.

For fans of the “North of 60” TV show

Patty Winter’s “North of 60” Page

“North of 60” is an ensemble drama about the fictional native community of Lynx River, Northwest Territories, Canada. The show originally aired on CBC from 1992 to 1997 was shot near Bragg Creek. It has been followed by several TV movies.

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