So many people want to participate in the rodeo events that a preliminary round kicks off the action on Thursday at noon to accommodate the overflow crowd of cowboys.

Main Rodeo Events Friday and Saturday Top 10 Finals: Sunday

Events include:

Bull Riders: Perhaps the riskiest of all rodeo events, strength is critical, both in legs and upper body. The rider has only a rope to hang on to a ton of angry animal for eight seconds.

Bareback Bronc Riders: There is no saddle, just a snug rope around the horse’s chest. A riders is disqualified if he touches the horse with his free hand. He must stay on the horse for eight seconds. Neck injuries are common usually caused when the cowboy’s head tries to fly off his shoulders when he’s snapped back on the beast.

Steer Wrestlers: In a few seconds the rider races his horse beside the steer, jumps off, grabbing the steer by its horns, he digs his heels into the dirt, twisting his hips and wrenching the steer to the ground.

Calf Roping: After rushing from the gate, the rider must intercept the calf, lasso it, throw it on its side, and tie three of its feet, all in the fastest time possible. The rider must anticipate the calf’s moves, be quick and accurate with the lasso, and be able to tie a sturdy knot.

Saddlebronc Riders: This classic rodeo event, is a test of rhythm, balance and timing. Riders use their boot spurs on the horse’s neck each time the horse bucks. A rider is disqualified for touching the horse with his free hand, losing a stirrup or getting bucked off before eight-seconds.

Barrel Racers: The women’s event combines the speed of a horse race and the precision of slalom skiing as they charge around three barrels making sure not to tip them over. Timing is measured by an electric eye.

Pow Wow

The rodeo brings together first nations people from across North America. It is a time to celebrate their traditions and culture while enjoying a blowout party. Traditional dance competition begins Friday evening. Food and refreshments are available through the weekend.

Golf Tournament

The Redwood Meadows golf course, across from the rodeo grounds, is the scene of a weekend long tournament.


Slot machines ring in the Redwood Meadows clubhouse.