Two Pine School story

Two Pine School Poem

When no one lived up in the hills,
The cattle roamed at their sweet wills.
And not a fence was there to serve
To guide the herds from the Reserve.

In modern times or so they say,
The balance swings the other way,
All lands are fenced and it’s the rule,
For all the kids to go to school.

In years gone by the buffalo,
Would wander where the crops now grow.
The bears and deer were common then,
Nor fearful at the sight of men.

The timber stood majestic still,
And gophers grew upon the hill,
The hawks on high would gaily soar,
They’d never heard an aircraft roar.

With roads and trails and fences neat.
These days the pace of life is fleet.
No longer do they till the soil,
They rush around and drill for oil.

As fashions change just so do men,
But there were prophets even then,
Though frankly he’d be deemed a fool
Who thought “Two Pine” would have a school!

The fame of “Two Pine” School has spread
Across the seas the message spread,
And told of joy and games and fun,
Of lessons and of French verbs done.

But “Two Pine” is a stranger still
To one who only knew the hill.
Won’t someone kindly send a snap,
To prove it’s there and please a chap?

by Alfred E. Muncaster, April 9th, 1942.

two pine school