How to add a notice to the Bulletin Board

The board is a sub-domain of, located at To add an item to the Bulletin Board you must be a member. Please register. You can register with your email address, or you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. The site is on a secured server, so any information you provide through your email sign-up remains local.

OK, so now you can login to with your membership. You will see the welcome screen.

There are 4 categories:
– General information and discussion
– Services Available and Jobs
– Events
– For Sale
You can have a look at what is already available, or you can blast ahead and add your own information. Let’s just blast on.
First, we need to select “Post Thread”

Then, we need to select a forum where the item will appear

You can choose any of the forums under the general headings. Services has a lot of sub-forums to help make it easy to locate the specific product or service you’re offering.

Once you’ve chosen a “forum” where you want to include your item, You can type the title of your message and then enter the description of the product/service offered.

When you have finished adding the text, click at the beginning of the first word and hit “ENTER”. That will make an empty line at the top of the message. That is where you can place your image, or you can insert the image at the end. Click the empty line and insert any “jpg” or “png” image. You can select “full size” (the default), or insert a “Thumbnail (small) image link to a full size image. Try to reduce the size of the image. A letter size image should be about 700 pixels wide and 910 pixels high, a screen image can be about 800 by 600 pixels wide. All web images should be either 72 or 96 dots per inch (DPI) resolution. If you want to share a number of images, you can do that through the “Media” tab in the top navigation bar.

Click the picture “Insert image” icon. You can drag an image from an open folder on your computer, or select an image from your directory (folder) list. You can also use the “Attach Files” button to add images or documents, like an Acrobat “pdf” file.

Once the image has been added you can click “Post thread” at the bottom of the window.



You’re done!

Unless, you want to add your notice to the calendar.

In that case, you need to click the three dots in the upper right that opens the “thread tools” menu. Select Calendar Add.

Select a date, add an end date if the event takes place over several days.
Then you’re done. Your event will appear on the calendar of events.

Congratulations. You did it!