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Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek in the spring


Deer fawn

Bragg Creek is an attractive destination for travellers. Why do they come here? Because we’re conveniently located 1/2 an hour west of Calgary on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. We’re a gateway to the wilderness and the trails that offer outdoor experience for siteseers, hikers, bikers and equestrians. And, the scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. But, as a settler at the turn of the last century said, “You can’t eat the scenery”.

We need a product that people want to enjoy. We could offer a western experience, but we can’t do that as well as other Alberta towns. We could offer an outdoor adventure experience, but it is hard to package and sell and not everyone enjoys an active lifestyle. But it could form an important part of an ecotourism product. We could create a mecca for health and well-being that would include activities, recreation and refuge in an ecological preserve. By protecting the environment we could enhance the quality of life for residents, ensure that Calgary has a pure water supply, provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the natural habitat in the foothills of the Rockies and foster a vibrant local economy. This focus on the environment would not oppose intrusions, but manage them. Water quality and quantity, and natural habitat need to be preserved through innovative, viable, sustainable solutions that ensure a healthy, safe and attractive quality of life for residents and visitors, and that will guarantee a managed and pure water supply for users downstream.

Bragg Creek is an idyllic community that acts as a prism though which people and resources flow. New technologies and incentives would enable adherence to a set of unassailable “quality of life” values that all can share. This vision would encourage home based business and new business opportunities that would support and enable managed, smart growth and investment. The revenue generated would be used to develop the technologies and control mechanisms that would ensure the quality and quantity of water, and the preservation of the natural habitat that is an integral part of the ecosystem that supports life in the Elbow Valley watershed.

On February 22, 2006, Aéroports de Montréal annonced a plan to build Aerodream in cooperation with two French companies. “The Consortium plans to develop an indoor recreational multiplex at Montréal-Mirabel covering more than 100,000 m2 and conceived as a festive and cultural dream destination, built around relaxing spaces and a summery, tropical mood. The proposed concept, based on the theme of water and outer-space, invites visitors, their families and friends on an escape to strange and imaginary new worlds and an immersion in the wonders of high-technology.” More info >