In 2001 Rockyview County formed a group to consider the conditions required to provide water services in Bragg Creek. Studies as far back as 1975 had showm contaminates in the Elbow River near Bragg Creek. The 1999 “Hamlet Plan” placed a moratorium on any development until the water issue was resolved. Eight residents were selected to sit on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. They, along with an M.D. official and an engineering consultant reviewed options, consulted with the community and eventually produced a report identifying preferences and conditions that needed to be considered in order to introduce water supply and treatment services in Bragg Creek.

The Citizen’s Advisory Committee submitted their report to the M.D. in June 2002.

Read the CAC Report (330 KB)

Two companies responded to a Request for Proposals from the M.D. to build and operate a water system in Bragg Creek. The City of Calgary and the provincial environment department asked the municipality to review a number of other options, including connecting Bragg Creek to the water treatment plant in Calgary. Alberta Environment wants a regional solution for water services that can monitor and control the quality and quantity of water in the Bow and Elbow Rivers watershed.

Municipal Report on Water Services, June 2003
Outlines six options for water supply and treatment in Bragg Creek. Includes background information and a process for implementation. Includes a schedule of capital costs for the options.

Read the M.D. Report on the Options Available (270 KB)

Both of these documents are in Acrobat (pdf) format.

Water Quality

In 1999 the University of Calgary undertook an extensive study of the quality of water in Bragg Creek and the perception of the extent of the problem among residents.

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