Bothersome Bugs

You might have noticed a lot of moths around lately (June 2017). You also may have noticed that the ridgetops all along the north side of the West Bragg Creek Road from Saddle & Sirloin to Twopines are brown. They should be brilliant green now. But, they are brown because there aren’t leaves on the trees. It’s a minor infestation, leading to the defoliation of the Aspen trees.

There are two culprits – the Bruce Spanworm and the Large Aspen Tortrix. They are moths, but it is the caterpillar (larvae) stage that eat the leaves. These larvae hatch from eggs then are deposited on the leaves of the Aspen (in the case of the tortrix), or in cracks or moss at the base of the trees (in the case of the spanworm). Typically, the trees will survive.

July 3, 2017
The Banded Peak Challenge – Wayback

The Banded Peak Challenge was a fund-raising event for Easter Seals Camp Horizon. It was held annually from 2002 until 2016 in the Little Elbow Recreational Area, located at the end of Hwy. 66, in Kananaskis, 30 km west of Bragg Creek, Alberta. The Challenge began near Forgetmenot Pond. Participants cycled 13.5 km to the Mountain Base Camp, then hiked 5 km to the top of Banded Peak. Total distance (return) 37 km. Height Gain 1,416 m.

The event provided a significant contribution to the camp which allows special needs children a chance to do things they could never imagine possible. Thirty guides, bike mechanics and emergency medical personnel were on the route, providing assistance.

Here you’ll find how the event was run, photos, a video of the event, a guide to help you do the adventure yourself and some materials to help others develop a similar event.