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There is only one picnic table left in Allen Bill. The rumour is that they aren’t going to rebuild the dam that held the water to form the pond. The pond was artificial, just like the fish they stocked it with. Apparently the fish were sterile. Fisherman still try their luck, but the fish must be fewer and smarter.

As with many other areas of the river, there are large piles of gravel deposits and uprooted trees all over the former pond area. The gravel creates a few standing shallow pools. It is a pretty bleak landscape of bare rock. The pond is no more, it’s a river now and most of the picnic tables are gone. I saw kayakers paddling downstream where the pond used to be.

A large area of the parking lot is closed and the trail under the bridge and over to the Fullerton Loop trail is closed. The toilet and parking area are intact, but who knows what the future holds for Allen Bill?

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