Lat: 50.865383   Long: -114.790233 Click to see map

The parking for Beaver Lodge is about 1/2-kilometre past Elbow Falls on the left. It’s a small pullout style parking. The Beaver Flat Interpretive trail is at the end of the parking lot. It is 1.5 km one-way. There is a short gradual downhill from the parking area. At the bottom of the hill a short trail leads to a picnic table on a pad with no firepit. Most of the trail is flat and runs alongside a series of beaver ponds. The signs along the trail describe beaver life. Towards the end of the trail there is a table by the pond. Near there is a faint path off to the right leading to a nice grass patch next to a pond where you could set out a tarp.

There is an old style outdoor toilet at the end of the trail which also serves the Beaver Flat campsite.

This is as close to nature as you can get in the Elbow Valley. The trail and the facilities are old and worn, but the water brings life to the land. There is a lot of lush foliage with moss covered stumps and rocks. The beaver lodge looks like there may be critters living there and there are waterfowl and squirrels running about.

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Beaver Lodge Provincial Recreation Area Map

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