Lat: 50.866256 Long: -114.772067  Click to see map

WARNING! This place is hard to get to and getting there is dangerous. The trail is perched on top of a precipitous cliff in places and otherwise it is often a steep slope with lose gravel. You have been warned. Don’t bring the kids or the elderly. That said, this is a very beautiful site to see.

There is an unmarked pull-out style parking area about a kilometre east of Elbow Falls on top of a hill. It’s that hilltop that makes this so dramatic. The walls of the canyon are about 20 metres high so that’s the distance you could fall. You will find the trail down into the canyon on the right as you enter the forest from the parking lot. You can also get there by going out of bounds over the railing on the upper lookout at Elbow Falls, but you shouldn’t do that.

At the bottom of the canyon are huge bare rock slabs that force the river into a narrow channel forming rapids and small water falls. You can spread out your picnic lunch on a chunk of these rock slabs.

There are no facilities here. No toilet or picnic tables.

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