Lat: 50.90363   Long: -114.66748  Click to see map

This is as unofficial as it gets. It is not recognized as a day use area and you have to drive past a no motorized vehicle sign to park. Some fishermen and siteseers seem to think it is worth risking a ticket as there are often a few cars parked there. It was very busy when the Highway 66 bridge was closed. It is located opposite the turnoff to the McLean Creek OHV Zone.

There is nothing here – that’s part of its charm. No toilet, no picnic tables, no trails; nothing but McLean Creek flowing into the Elbow River. There is a bit of sandy beach, some gravel bars and a fairly wide expanse of open river with rock cliffs in places.

You can splash your toes in the water, explore the shoreline or settle down for a blanket picnic lunch. There is nothing dramatic or even beautiful here but it is a nice place to pass some quiet time with the river gurgling and splashing nearby.

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