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Don’t bring your family here for a picnic, but this is the place to get your dirt bike or ATV juiced up and ready to rip through the wilderness. This is a great place to meet-up before or after a day of off-road activity.

There are two parking lots at the end of the road. To find it, you pass the store and keep right, drive past the pond turnoff on the left and several roads into the campsites on the right then drive to the end of the road. There is a picnic area and even a shelter down the second to last road on the left. This is the only day use shelter in the Elbow Valley. It’s not pretty. In fact the same can be said for the whole Staging Area, but it serves a purpose.

The 35 tables in the area are scattered about the forest around the parking lots. There are a couple of old style toilets and some of the picnic pads have firepits. The shelter has a concrete floor, a few small windows and a big sliding door. Obviously it has the very attractive feature of being dry no matter the weather. I assume this was the reason for holding a meeting of the Elbow River Watershed Partnership here a few years ago. I don’t know how busy it is, but I imagine off-roaders spend more time out on the trails than in the picnic area.

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McLean Creek Staging Area PRA Map

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