Most of the Elbow is covered by a sheet of ice from November to March. But, through July and August, it’s a refreshing blast of summer fun for swimming, tubing and rafting. You can launch your raft, tube, canoe or kayak at several put-ins along the river in Kananaskis and in our Provincial Park.

These pictures and movies show people playing in the Elbow River near Bragg Creek.

wading by bridge

Children play in the rapids near the Balsam Ave. bridge

  river view

View of the Elbow River downstream from the Balsam Ave. bridge. The water is highest in June when runoff from the snowmelt in the mountains combines with seasonal rains


These girls launched their tubes just upstream of the bridge and floated through the rapids


Children playing in the ice cold water.

man dog

A man and his dog venture into the river near the original Trading Post store on White Avenue

2 boys

Two boys wade into the water upstream from the Trading Post. The river isn’t usually more than 2 feet deep. It moves quickly, but it is generally safe to play in.

  river play

The hot weather and special events like Bragg Creek Days and the Tsuu T’ina Rodeo & Pow Wow lure a lot of people to the banks of the Elbow in Bragg Creek


Rent a raft at the U of C or a sports equipment rental store, launch it from Kananaskis or the provincial park and enjoy a leisurely float. Inside Out Experience offers guided rafting in Kananaskis.

View a movie clip

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There aren’t a lot of free fun things to do these days, but tubing the Elbow is a great way to get out and enjoy the long hot days of summer.

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This family found an island of their own in the Provincial Park to have a picnic and play in the water.

  river access

There are 3 locations in Bragg Creek where you can access the Elbow River; the Balsam Ave. bridge, the Trading Post and Bragg Creek Provincial Park.