Note access to the trailhead for the caves was locked in 2000. You must walk or ride a bike about 7 kilometres to reach the trailhead described below. There are gas companies working in the area and poisonous sour gas is present.

The accessible portion of the caves is approximately 170 metres long and varies in width from 5 to 15 metres. The cave has no stalactites or stalagmites. The ceiling is low and not cathedral-like. There are no crystal formations on the walls or ceiling. In the summer, the floor is covered with several centimetres of partially melted ice and mud. In the winter the floor is covered with slick ice. The floor also has numerous holes that can cause twisted ankles.

If you plan on visiting the ice caves, you are strongly advised to follow these suggestions:
• Wear sturdy boots. The climb to the cave entrance is through unstable rock:
• Wear long pants and bring extra layers of warm clothing.
• Wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp rocks and from cold.
• Wear a helmet to protect your head from falling rocks and from the low ceiling.
• Wear a headlamp and carry a small flashlight as a backup light source.
• Bring drinking water and a high energy snack.
• Bring a garbage bag to carry out your trash and any litter you find in the cave.
• Bring a first aid kit, a candle and waterproof matches.
• Never hike alone. A companion can go for help if you are hurt.
• Notify friends or family of your expected return time.
• Be prepared for wet and slippery conditions.
• Keep in mind that certain parts of the cave are easier to
get into than out of. Choose your route intelligently.
• If you or a member of your party is even mildly claustrophobic, do not go in.

To hike up to the main entrance:

Rather than following the creek bed from the parking lot and then scrambling up a very steep scree slope, take the unmarked trail at the northeast end of the parking lot. By following the right hand or uphill forks along this trail, you will end up at a point very near the cave entrance and avoid the dangerous scree area. Please do not throw rocks or other items as there may be other visitors in the areas below you. Please do not litter or deface the cave, trees and rock walls.