Located on Highway 66 just past the entrance to Kananaskis Country, 8.5 kilometres west of Bragg Creek.

Phone: 403-678-0760

The tourist information office is open only during the summer and then only during the daytime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They close for lunch.

The Centre is operated by Alberta Parks, under the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. They have maps, books and a lot of knowledge about the area. Picnic tables, parking and restroom facilities are available as well as garbage disposal bins. A large new trailer sewage dump station opened in 2014, just a little west of the info centre.

The Centre’s staff are familiar with all the recreational facilities and trails in the area. They can help plan your day trip or your back-packing adventure.

The Centre has a Friends of Kananaskis Country bookstore with a variety of gifts and outdoor activities publications available for sale. You can also purchase hiking trail maps, posters, and other items dealing with the Kananaskis Country area.

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Visit the Alberta Parks web site here:


Kananaskis Information Offices

Bow Valley Administration & Information Centre 403-673-3663
Barrier Lake Visitor Information Centre Kananaskis Information Line 403-678-0760
Elbow Valley Visitor Information Centre Kananaskis Information Line 403-678-0760
Kananaskis Information Line 403-678-0760
Kananaskis Backcountry Camping Permits Line 403-678-3136

Alberta Parks
A major reorganization of government ministries took effect September 15, 2014. Sustainable Resource Development used to be responsible for industrial development in the eastern half of Kananaskis. The western half was managed by Tourism, Parks and Recreation. Then SRD absorbed the Environment Ministry a few years ago to form ESRD. Now they have absorbed the Parks part of the Tourism, Parks and Recreation ministry. So Alberta Parks, all of Kananaskis, is now under the jurisdiction of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. TPR used to have rules governing parks in western Kananaskis, while ESRD had few, if any, rules governing the eastern part except for the Provincial Recreation Areas which were managed by Parks. The PRAs are areas like Elbow Falls, Allen Bill and the parking lot and about 100-metres around it in West Bragg Creek – out to where the dogs on leash signs are.
Who knows what this means. It may be good that Kananaskis is now managed by one ministry, but I think it would have been better if the ministry was Tourism, Parks and Recreation.