moose loop

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There are two ways to access the Moose Loop Trail. The obvious way is to use the Mountain Road. That is the extension of the main road into the day use area; the part that continues after the gate. The oil and gas industry often use this road to get to their well sites and pipelines that are scattered throughout the area. In fact quite a bit of the Moose Loop Trail is an access road.

The other way to get to the Moose Loop is to use the Moose Connector off of the Crystal Line Trail. This connector may actually be part of the Tom Snow Trail as they are all intertwined in this area.

Moose Loop

All West Bragg Creek Trails are accessible from the parking lot at the end of the West Bragg Creek road about 10 km west of the hamlet. 5.5 km return plus 5.5 km return to the loop

60 m/197 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1490 m/4888 ft