The Elbow Valley has a variety of trails that wind through the foothills and into the mountains. Some are self-contained loops, some are tentacles that extend from a network of interconnected trails. The trail length indicated here may be one way or return depending on whether there are alternate return routes or not.

Day Hikes

Some of the trails in the Elbow Valley are restricted for hiking, cycling and equestrian use. These are good day hikes. There are also longer trails for overnight trips in the area. West Bragg Creek trails are recommended for cross-country skiing and cycling. The trails in McLean Creek are reserved for motorized Off-Highway Vehicles. The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association have extended the trail network in West Bragg Creek, Kananaskis significantly. In July of 2017, Alberta Parks plans to open a new, huge parking lot with space for 485 cars, buses and an equestrian staging area. The area is no longer an unloved cross-country skiing destination, it is now one of the most popular cycling destinations anywhere – attracting at least 150,000 visits a year. It’s so big, I can’t cover it. I recommend purchasing the Bragg Creek & Area Trails, Map & Guide, published by the Trails Association. The Trails Association are (in 2017) working on a trail along the West Bragg Creek Rd. It will be part of the Trans-Canada Trail system.

The Big Elbow Trail is part of the Elbow Loop

View an interactive trail finder and facilities map of the Elbow Valley

Elbow Valley Trails

TrailDiamond “T” Loop
Road AccessStation Flats
Trailhead is on the far side of the circular road
Length/Height4 km loop
125 m/400 ft elevation gain/loss1.5 – 2 hrs


TrailSulphur Springs
bikehikehorseThis trail runs parallel to the Elbow Valley Trail. It begins and ends on the Elbow Valley Trail. You can access the trail from Station Flats, by continuing past the 2 Diamond “T” Loop junctions on the Elbow Valley Trail about 2 km about 2 km from the parking lot.It makes a nice 9 km loop when you park on the Moose Mountain road loop back on the Elbow Trail.It can also be combined with the Riverview and Elbow Valley trails to make a loop
Road Access1. The parking area at Station Flats. Trailhead is on the far side of the circular road.
2. Up Moose Mountain Rd. 2.3 km. Park in the pull-out on the left just past the second trail crossing. The first trail crossing is the Elbow Valley Trail.
Length/Height4.5 km one way, plus 2 km on the Elbow Valley Trail if you park at Station Flats.
215 m/705 ft elevation gain/loss3 – 4 hrs


TrailElbow Valley
Road AccessStation Flats, Paddy’s Flat, Elbow River Boat Launch, Elbow Falls and Powderface Day Use Area
Length/Height10 km one way365 m/1200 ft elevation gain/loss


Road AccessPaddy’s Flat, 3/4 km east of Ing’s Mine trailhead (on Canyon Creek Rd.) on Elbow Valley Trail, Connect from Elbow Valley Trail to Paddy’s Flat
Length/Height4 km one way102 m/300 ft   elevation gain/loss


TrailMoose Mountain
Road AccessMoose Mountain Road. Turn right 1 km past Paddy’s Flats
Length/Height14.6 km return470 m/1540 ft elevation gain/loss Summit 2437 m/7995 ft


TrailBeaver Flat Interpretive
Road AccessBeaver Lodge Interpretive parking (on left, just past Elbow Falls) or Beaver Flat Campground
Length/Height3 km returnno elevation gain/loss


TrailElbow Falls Interpretive
Road AccessElbow Falls Day Use Area
Length/Height1 km returnlittle elevation gain/loss


TrailFullerton Loop
hikeThis trail starts about 1.5 km along the Elbow Trail. A short way along the loop trail is a Y junction. Taking the trail to the right leads to a long gradual ascent through the forest to the half-way point of the loop where you can view Moose Mountain and the group of mountains surrounding Banded Peak. The return trip skirts the edge of a steep hillside overlooking the Ranger Station and the Elbow Valley.
Road Access1.2 km north on Elbow Trail from the Allen Bill Pond Parking (east end) or on the north side of Hwy 66 near the Ranger Station. Trail begins near the Ranger Station.
Length/Height7 km return213 m/692 ft elevation gain/loss
1.5 – 2.5 hrs


TrailLittle Elbow Interpretive
Road AccessForgetmenot Pond Day Use Area or Little Elbow Parking
Length/Height5 km return
no elevation gain/loss


TrailMcLean Creek Interpretive
Road AccessMacLean Creek Parking
Length/Height1.2 km return
no elevation gain/loss


TrailNihahi Ridge
Road AccessForgetmenot Pond Day Use Area or Little Elbow Parking. 2 km west of campground on Little Elbow Trail
Length/Height5 km return
390m/1280 ft elevation gain/loss
3 – 4 hrs


TrailPaddy’s Flat Interpretive
Road AccessPaddy’s Flat Campground
Length/Height2.2 km return
no elevation gain/loss


TrailTombstone Lakes
Road Access19 km south on Big Elbow Trail from Little Elbow Parking
Length/Height3 km one way
180 m/590 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailBig Elbow
Road AccessLittle Elbow Parking
Length/Height21 km one way (part of the 44 km Elbow Loop)
350 m/1150 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailLittle Elbow
Road AccessLittle Elbow Parking
Length/Height23 km one way (part of the 44 km Elbow Loop)
400 m/1310 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailFord Creek
Road AccessLittle Elbow Parking
Length/Height18 km one way
590m/1935 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailFord Knoll
Road AccessForgetmenot Pond Day Use Area
Length/Height4 km return
235 m/770 ft elevation gain/loss
1.5 – 2 hrs


TrailNihahi Creek
Road Access4 km west of Little Elbow Campground on Little Elbow Trail
Length/Height4.8 km return
240 m/790 ft elevation gain/loss
3 – 4 hrs


TrailPowderface Creek
Road AccessPoderface Parking
Length/Height6.2 km one way
510 m/1673 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailPowderface Ridge
Road AccessEnd of Hwy 66 at the dirt road or 7 km north on that road at the 3-trail pass.
Length/Height7 km one way
640 m/2100 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailPrairie Creek
Length/Height9.2 km one way
180 m/590 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailPrairie Link
Length/Height3 km one way
85 m/280 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailPrairie Mountain
Length/Height3.8 km one way
716 m/2350 ft elevation gain/loss Summit 2210 m/7250 ft


TrailThreepoint Mountain
Length/Height10 km one way
460 m/1510 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailTom Snow
Length/Height30 km one way
210 m/700 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailTrail Creek
Length/Height2.5 km one way
275 m/900 ft elevation gain/loss


Length/Height16 km one way
357 m/1170 ft elevation gain/loss


West Bragg Creek Trails

The trails below are the original West Bragg Creek cross country ski trails. A new set of trails were opened to the public in 2013 – 2014 by the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association. They more than double the length of trails available in West Bragg Creek and they were designed for all-season use. They are very popular with cyclists as they have banked corners and good drainage. They include the trails Boundary Ridge, Ranger Summit, Merlin, Braggin’ Rights and many more. You can find an interactive locator map that includes these trail here.

TrailHostel Loop Trail

See a video

Road AccessAll West Bragg Creek Trails are accessible from the parking lot at the end of the West Bragg Creek road about 10 km west of the hamlet.
Length/Height3.8 km loop located a few hundred metres north of the parking lot.
45 m/148 ft elevation gain/loss
High point 1509 m/4950 ft hrs


TrailElbow Trail
Road AccessTake Hwy 22 to Bragg Creek. Drive down Balsam Ave. and cross the bridge over the Elbow River. Turn left and drive to the end.
Length/Height6.9 km one way (includes part of Sun Dog)
120 m/413 ft elevation gain/loss
High point 1550 m/5085 ft


TrailIron Springs
Length/Height4.6 km, 7.4 km from Allen Bill to West Bragg
120 m/394 ft elevation gain/loss
High point 1550 m/5085 ft


TrailTelephone Loop
Length/Height16.5 km return
230 m/754 ft elevation gain/loss


TrailSundog Loop
Length/Height4.7 km return



Moose Loop

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Length/Height5.5 km return plus 5.5 km return to the loop
60 m/197 ft elevation gain/loss
High point 1490 m/4888 fts


TrailCrystal Line
Length/Height3.4 km one way, 6.7 km loop including part of Sun Dog


TrailUpper Bragg Creek
Length/Height5 km one way to watershed meadow from Moose Loop
61 m/200 ft elevation gain/loss
High point 1743 m/5718 ft

Some of the new trails you can ride

Moose Mountain Area Trails

Ridgeback, 8.9 km
Moosepackers, 2.8 km
Pneuma, 10.3 km
Special K, 8 km
T-Dub, 2.3 km
Race of Spades, 5.8 km
Toothless, 1.8 km
Hot Laps, 1.6 km
Shaft, 3.3 km
Brakeless, 1.7 km
Billy Dog, 1.4 km
SLF, 1.4 km
Jean-Guy on the Rocks, 2.2 km
Family Guy, 4.8 km

West Bragg Creek Trails

Braggin’ Rights, 3.6 km
Long Distance, 8.5 km
Demi-Tel, 1.6 km
Reconnect, 1.6 km
Ranger Summit, 4.2 km
Strange Brew, 4.2 km
Boundary Ridge, 5 km
Snagamore, 5 km
Bobcat, 4.1 km
Loggers Loop, 1.9 km

That should give you an idea why you should buy the map.

Bragg Creek Provincial Park

TrailAlder Trail
A short pleasant stroll through a forest of lodgepole pine and white spruce trees.
Road AccessParking area just past and opposite the park entrance on Highway 758 about a kilometre past the Hamlet of Bragg Creek
Length/Height1.5 km loop has interpretive displays. There is a trail that crosses the highway and links to the park day use area.