The devastation was horrific. A deluge  of rain at the headwaters of the Elbow River caused massive flooding in Bragg Creek and Calgary. One of the places hard hit was the West Bragg Creek recreation area in Kananaskis. These photos, taken in late June of 2013, show the extent of the flooding and the effort to recover.

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At the time, the Elbow Valley was the prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There were hundreds of kilometres of trails through the foothills accessible from trailheads like Powderface, Little Elbow and Station Flats. But, all of those trails became inaccessible when the bridge on Hwy 66, near Allen Bill, got washed out. At that time, the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association were working on developing an extensive trail system in the West Bragg Creek area of Kananaskis. The bridge into West Bragg Creek got damaged too, but the repair was relatively simple and access to the new trails was restored within a matter of days. So, all the cyclists and hikers turned their attention to West Bragg Creek and a new enthusiasm for West Bragg Creek was born. The crude facilities and limited parking were upgraded and we now have a state-of-the-art recreation facility available to Calgarians. But, the flood took a toll on the area. These photos show the effect of the flood of 2013.