Youtube Video Channel

The Bragg Creek – Gateway to Kananaskis website has a Youtube video channel. Find it here: The channel started Oct 17, 2007. It has 69 videos that have been viewed 366,194 times as of the beginning of July 2018 when this page was published. Many of the videos are organized into Playlists that include: Tech, Travel, Events, Bragg Creek Days, People of Bragg Creek, Bragg Creek and Wildlife.

For a few years the channel videos earned a small income from advertising revenue. But, it was disqualified from the program as it has 470 subscribers and Youtube set a minimum subscription of 1,000 to be eligible to earn advertising income. As it’s taken over 10 years to get the subscribers I have, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to earn income from the videos. That makes it unlikely that I’ll produce more videos. That’s a shame.

That said, if you like the videos and/or you would like to see more, please subscribe.