On June 20, at the height of the flood that ravaged Southern Alberta, Kananaskis and Bragg Creek in particular, the Elbow River surged over its banks and ripped through the hamlet, starting with Highway 758 just upstream from the Trading Post store. According to instream flow monitoring equipment, the amount of water flowing through Bragg Creek was about 5 times greater than the last “flood of the century” that occurred in 2005. The thing is, the effect of the 2013 flood was immeasureably greater than the previous flood as it picked up tonnes of dirt and gravel and carried it downstream, along White Avenue and into the hamlet. The Infusion restaurant filled with mud. The building was condemned, torn down and lost to our community. The Trading Post itself, an iconic business, was mostly destroyed and news reports on Friday, September 27 say that they have been denied a permit to rebuild. That is a bit like saying our community is not allowed to rebuild.

Alberta Transportation announced that Highway 758, the extension of White Avenue that runs through the hamlet, past the Trading Post, alongside the Elbow River and past the Provincial Park has reopened. This is of course great news, but we have a long way to go to renew and rebuild our community. What are the propects for residents and businesses who have lost their homes and their livelihoods?

Photos show the impact of the flood and the work done to rebuild the highway

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Video of the Trading Post as it was before the flood.