This Bragg Creek resident loves to play on the swing in the backyard of her parents’ 5-acre property. Their home, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, has a view of 8,000 ft. tall Moose Mountain. Her mother is concerned about the cougar, bear and moose that roam the hills. They thrill to see deer browsing in their yard, ravens soaring above the evergreens, stars twinkling like snowflakes on a moonlit night.

Her sisters attend Banded Peak Elementary school which opened over on Highway 22 in 1997. She participates in cultural and sporting activities at the Bragg Creek Centre.

She plays soccer and visits her friends in Redwood Meadows, a residential community located about 5 km east. It has its own community centre, a fire hall and about 350 homes built on the Sarcee Reserve which borders Bragg Creek.

Mom often drives to the city of Calgary to shop, to Cochrane or Springbank for sports and recreation. She waves a sign of recognition and belonging as she ferries her daughters along West Bragg Creek road to visit friends where they sometimes stay for sleep-overs. Dad commutes to work in the city – in at 6:30 a.m., back at 6:30 p.m. Along the road they pass cattle roaming the Fullerton ranch providing a nostalgic link to our rural roots. Sometimes they pass horseback riders, cyclists and joggers heading to Kananaskis Country.

The family hike and cycle in Kananaskis, a wild land of mountains, forests and lakes on the western border of Bragg Creek. They avoid the hamlet on weekends when day-trippers from Calgary come to hang out, browse the gift shops or enjoy a meal in one of a dozen fine restaurants. In the summer they plan their vacation around Bragg Creek Days, a weekend of parades, parties and play. In the winter they careen their toboggans down snow covered slopes and snuggle by the fireplace through the long nights lit by the northern lights.