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Although West Bragg Creek is designated as a winter recreation area, primarily for skiing, it is popular with cyclists, hikers and horseback riders as well. Ranchers still have leases to graze their cattle there in the summer. Loggers are clear-cutting forest and from time to time oil and gas companies drill wells and develop sour gas extraction.

There is considerable gas extraction development work in the area with lots of heavy equipment and trucks of all sizes. Caution is advised.

West Bragg Creek Trails

Hostel Loop Trail

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All West Bragg Creek Trails are accessible from the parking lot at the end of the West Bragg Creek road about 10 km west of the hamlet. 3.8 km loop located a few hundred metres north of the parking lot.

45 m/148 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1509 m/4950 ft

Elbow Trail

Take Hwy 22 to Bragg Creek. Drive down Balsam Ave. and cross the bridge over the Elbow River. Turn left and drive to the end. 6.9 km one way (includes part of Sun Dog)

120 m/413 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1550 m/5085 ft

Iron Springs

4.6 km, 7.4 km from Allen Bill to West Bragg

120 m/394 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1550 m/5085 ft

Telephone Loop

16.5 km return

230 m/754 ft elevation gain/loss

Sundog Loop

4.7 km return

Moose Loop

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5.5 km return plus 5.5 km return to the loop

60 m/197 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1490 m/4888 ft

Crystal Line

3.4 km one way, 6.7 km loop including part of Sun Dog

Upper Bragg Creek

5 km one way to watershed meadow from Moose Loop

61 m/200 ft elevation gain/loss

High point 1743 m/5718 ft