Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan – Selected Highlights

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Here are the highlights as I see them.

Revitalize Bragg Creek

A plan that comes with action

Hamlet of Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan – December 2015


We (the authors of the plan) would like to thank Rocky View County Reeve and Council for their support of the Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan.
A big thank-you to all the community members who took part in our engagement workshops, open houses, design charrettes, or sent their comments to us during the visioning process. We look forward to your active
participation in implementing this Plan.

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Table of Contents



1.1 Plan Approach
1.2 Plan Guide
1.3 Hamlet Recommended Actions


2.1 Implementation Framework
2.2 Implementation Matrix



1.1 Plan Purpose
1.2 Focus Areas
1.3 Plan Area
1.4 The Plan Process
1.5 Engagement Findings


2.1 Physical Analysis
2.2 Market Analysis
2.3 Policy Framework


Bragg Creek Demographic, Housing and Commercial Demand Analysis: 2015 to 2025


First Round Public Engagement: What We Heard Report


Second Round Public Engagement: What We Heard Report


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A plan that comes without action is merely a dream—this Plan is different. It begins with the actions necessary to attain the goals and vision crafted by the Bragg Creek community. The highly engaging and broad community plan-making process started by confirming the vision described in the Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan and considering the full range of possibilities for the community. The right balance between proper growth, change and conserving the precious community character were of utmost importance in developing the Hamlet Revitalization Plan. Better connecting the community, protecting it from further flooding, as well as building a thriving and resilient local economy, were also tantamount to directing positive change.

Each part of the community is an important building block in the Plan. Together, they form the identity of Bragg Creek, and it is through joint action that the Hamlet becomes stronger as a whole. This practical and wide-reaching action plan will fulfill the community vision with the contribution and commitment of the Bragg Creek Community working with the support of Rocky View County as well as other invested parties.

Revitalization zonesEach community member has a role in Bragg Creek’s revitalization and growth. No area or member has been left out. People in the community must believe working together can make a difference and organize by getting involved in one or more of the community improvement areas:
1. Hamlet Wide
2. Hamlet North
3. Hamlet Core
4. Heritage Mile
5. Hamlet West
6. Hamlet Expansion

Organization for success is already underway. Rocky View County is committed to implementation of the plan by supporting the continuing organization within the community through meetings and facilitation, as well as creating further resources to complete the necessary infrastructure improvements aligned with annual capital budgets. The County has set the stage with funding confirmed for updated Design Guidelines and staged improvements on the Heritage Mile Trailhead & Park. However, initiation and completion of some of the projects within the action plan will require additional funds and resources, including other private and public funding. The spectrum of these funding opportunities is connected to the actions in the Plan.

In the end, this Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan will test the resilience of the community as it did during the flood of 2013, but this time it is about positive change. The Plan will help create a renewed community along the Elbow River and inspire a collective vision that not only makes a difference for existing residents and businesses but, more importantly – these actions will create an insightful pathway of invigorated health for generations to come.

Key Recommended Actions List

1. Prepare Hamlet Design Guidelines
2. Connect the Community
3. Manage Flood Hazard
4. Encourage Residential Infill
5. Improve Trails, Wayfinding & River Access
6. Increase Density & Housing Diversity
7. Develop Recreation & Public Space
8. Enhance Public Realm
9. Encourage Residential Infill
10. Develop Trailhead & Park
11. Enhance White Avenue
12. Improve Connectivity
13. Determine Steps for Future Developmen



1.1 Plan Approach

This Plan was developed through extensive consultation with the community of Bragg Creek and County Staff. Key recommendations represent months of conversations, community workshops, and feedback combined with urban design and professional planning expertise. A full description of the engagement process is outlined in Part 2, Section 1.4.

The Plan vision is to invigorate the community and economy of Bragg Creek for long-term health and resilience. Plan recommendations build on the principle that successful community revitalization is often led by public realm improvements. Private investment follows thereafter and creates the necessary elements for success. Specifically, a high quality and inviting public environment can be traced to six economic benefit streams:
• Attracting business
• Increasing land / property values
• Attracting visitors
• Increasing tourism
• Improving productivity
• Enhancing image

The main opportunities for transforming the Hamlet have centered on the power of urban design and land use planning to reach the vision and goals of the community, which were identified in three basic building blocks:

Bragg Character: The community has a definitive character both in physical form as well as in its social fabric and identity. Reinforcing this ‘Bragg Character’ through strengthened design guidelines and public realm improvements was viewed by many citizens and stakeholders as critical.

Connected Community: Community members are seeking greater physical and social connection to each other, and for those visiting the Hamlet. “Connect the disconnected” became a common phrase heard throughout the Plan process. This means not only improving pedestrian routes, but also social communication channels between various citizen groups, stakeholders and between the County and Hamlet residents.

Thriving Economy: The struggles of local businesses are real. Improvements to the local economy are critically important. Initiatives to address this may be policy amendments that make businesses more attractive in the hamlet, better public spaces and hamlet recreation opportunities to encourage tourists to linger longer, and a diversified housing stock to ensure the hamlet reaches a critical mass to sustain local business.

1.2 Plan Guide

The Revitalization Plan is about taking action and improving the community — one realistic step at a time. For this reason, we have split the document into two separate parts, “Part 1: Action Plan” and “Part 2: Background to the Plan”.

Part 1 provides a set of key recommended actions and focuses on implementation, while Part 2 provides the rationale and background studies, which includes months of consultation and idea building in partnership with the community. The set of recommended actions are intended to inspire local initiative and provide a framework for change. It is to be used by developers (when preparing a development application), Rocky View County (to identify bylaws, plans and policies that may need to be amended), and local business owners, land owners and residents—to understand the vision for the hamlet and generate leadership and cooperation among the varied and passionate groups who currently operate within the community.

Outlining a set of actions that can be implemented now, or in the short and medium term will help Rocky View County elected officials, Rocky View Staff, developers and the public to understand the shared goals and vision for the community and ensure the Hamlet remains a dynamic place to live and visit. The Implementation Matrix in Section 2.2 provides further detailed steps on how the community can make this plan a reality and implement the recommended actions identified in this Plan.


This section outlines an implementation strategy that will guide the pursuit of the Hamlet Revitalization Plan and key actions to be realized. The strategy identifies key steps, priority, key personnel, measures of success and a general time frame for implementation. Leadership, funding/partnership opportunities, and next steps are also discussed.


Revitalization is a process conducted by community members. A collaborative effort between Rocky View County and committed local stakeholders is critical to the success of this plan. Community improvement will come through joint action—County assistance and local people changing attitudes, mobilizing existing skills, and using community assets in new ways. By participating together the community becomes more vital, not just economically but as a strong functioning community in itself.

A significant first step in mobilizing community capacity would come from the formation of an Implementation Committee:

This committee would be leaders and motivators for implementation. The Committee’s mandate would be to choose action items from the Revitalization Plan on an annual or semi-annual basis and coordinate with the various groups in the community to determine who is responsible for driving them and how they might be accomplished.

Another crucial role of the Implementation Committee would be to manage communication between the multiple groups in Bragg Creek. As is, there is no central hub to collect and distribute local information. A central website containing all the relevant information, goals, milestones and successes would be instrumental in fostering a stronger relationship amongst the diverse groups within the community and making better use of the collective resources, skills and knowledge that can be deployed to move the plan forward.


Community Revitalization, as a process of cooperative action, rethinking, and organization is ongoing and never done. Success will depend on the long-term commitment of Rocky View Council, County Staff and the community to work collaboratively towards the vision presented by the Plan. Key steps include:
• Council Approval
• Community Organization
• Action on specific community initiatives
• Monitoring Success

2.2 Implementation Matrix


Prepare more robust and enforceable Hamlet Design Guidelines
Develop looped pathway connections with staging points at key locations within the Hamlet
Implement Structural and Non-Structural measures that result in development which can withstand flooding


Create a North Area walking loop
Improve Wintergreen Road from Balsam Ave to Yoho Tinda Rd to improve pedestrian access and safety
Create formal river access points for pedestrians and river users
Construct a pedestrian bridge across the Elbow River, at the old bridge site, connecting Pine Ave and Yoho Tinda Road
Create a distinction between local roads and landscaped areas
Create an enhanced pedestrian connection between the commercial areas and the Bragg Creek Community Centre
Provide increased housing diversity and affordability through Secondary Suites and Garden Suites
Allow re-subdivision of existing parcels


Add multi-unit residential (rowhouse, townhouse and stacked townhouse) and live-work (mixed-use units)
Expand overnight accommodation opportunities
Add second-storey residential units above the existing Bragg Creek malls
Create a river whitewater park on the Elbow River
Add senior’s independent living units
Create a public plaza / village square connecting the two hamlet malls
Create a central open / green space that leads to the river
Develop a central staging area with parking and public amenities
Initiate Balsam Avenue streetscape improvements
Create a pedestrian connection between Balsam Avenue, the Village Square and other commercial areas
Design and construct a Hamlet “Gateway” structure
Create an enhanced pedestrian connection between the commercial areas and the Bragg Creek Community Centre


Allow re-subdivision of existing parcels
Provide increased housing diversity and affordability through Secondary Suites and Garden Suites
Initiate White Avenue streetscape improvements
Develop a ”Heritage Mile” trailhead with parking and public amenities on County-owned land


Improve pedestrian connections to the Hamlet Core
Provide a second point of emergency egress by building a pedestrian bridge across the Elbow River
Improve trails connection to Environmental Reserve lands
Development of the Elkana Ranch Lands for comprehensive residential development


Determine steps for allowing future development
(e.g. New Area Structure Plan (ASP) which addresses land use, transportation and open space — supported by technical and servicing studies — or a comprehensive amendment to the Greater Bragg Greek (ASP) which addresses these development concerns.)

Part 2

Background to the plan

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Plan Purpose
1.2 Focus Areas
1.3 Plan Area
1.4 The Plan Process
1.5 Engagement Findings
2.1 Physical Analysis
2.2 Market Analysis
2.3 Policy Framework

Please consult the original document to read about the background. It is available here: